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Going Back Home Program

The Going Back Home Program was established by President Lula through the publication of the Federal Law 10708 on July 31, 2003. This law defines the psychosocial reintegration help to patients confined during a long time in psychiatric institutions.

The purpose of this program is to efficiently contribute to the social adjustment of these people, encouraging an ample and diversified chain organization for assistance and care resources, creating social facilities that can ensure a global welfare, encouraging the use of their civil and political rights as well as the exercise of their civil rights.

The Going Back Home Program is also included in Law 10216 determining that patients confined during long periods of time and whose situations are considered largely dependent on the institution are entitled to a special policy favoring their psychosocial rehabilitation assistance.

This program today has more than 2600 beneficiaries all over the country. They have aa partnership with Caixa Econômica Federal.They receive a monthly bank deposit of R$ 240,00.

The Therapeutic Residential Services, The Going Back Home Program together with the Psychiatric Hospitals Wards Reduction Program form an essential union to the effective process of giving back civil rights to people with mental disorders who, for a long time, have been deprived of their freedom in Brazilian psychiatric hospitals.

This psychosocial aid benefit initiated after the Going Back Home Program was created is also, in a way, a compensation to patients, who for a total lack of alternatives were submitted to degrading treatments and deprived of their basic social rights.