Voltando para casa


"Tenants can better express verbally the meaning of the Therapeutic Residence.Living in the Residence means for most of them the possibility of new life experiences.The freedom to come and go,  being able to make purchases,making friends.They draw the house as being a pleasant place with a garden and flowers.The Residence offers them  the idea of future perspectives..."

Adriana Oliveira
Social assistant and technician of a Therapeutic Residence – Barbacena/MG


"I enjoy playing with Renô, I like walking and working with Julio. The house is big and pleasant. Food is good. I like birds. I like birthdays. I like buying clothes for me and I like my dog Perí. I like going to the bakery store and dance at the forró."

Sebastião Pires Santana


"I like living here. Over there I was very much ill-treated, they used to beat me for no reason and I had no friends. Here in the Residence I go out, talk to everybody, I have the right to go wherever I want to and come back at any time. I am very happy!"

Raimunda Vieira da Silva


"Everything is fine with me. Since I left hospital my life improved a lot. I have my freedom and I am very happy. I make drawings like the one I am sending to you. Here in the Residence we all do our chores. I close this letter hoping that all will be well in the Residence."

Geraldo Antônio da Silva


"I like it here very much. I take part in the workshops at the Bom Pastor. I help in the house chores. I don’t like having to talk about the FHEMIG. I have the worse recollections ..."

Maria de Lourdes Rocha